2017 – 2nd. March – Spring Cleaning Day.

As part of the Council’s Big Spring Clean we organised a Spring Cleaning Day. About 25 volunteers turned up to help us and everyone worked hard for many hours. We were very lucky with the weather as the previous day had been wet and windy and the following day... read more

2017 – National Nest Box Week – February.

Winter is the time we carry out work on our bird boxes. Every box is inspected. If it is broken it is either repaired or replaced, depending on its condition. Old nesting material is removed and the box is disinfected using a special liquid which is safe for the birds... read more

2017 – February- Half term fun.

Today we met with Wigan’s Media Officer to tell her about our proposed Spring Clean. We are trying to encourage the local community to get involved in our Spring Clean and help us to tidy up the site in readiness for the better weather. We are organising an... read more

2017- January – Working around the site.

Winter is the time when The Friends are busy doing ‘housekeeping’ on the site. The bird boxes are checked, cleaned and mended. This year we have had to replace many of the boxes as they were too badly damaged to repair. Fortunately the Bryn councillors... read more

2016 – December – Our winter project.

The paths around the Three Sisters are in need of work. The very wet weather and lack of regular maintenance means that the paths have become narrow and muddy. Our project for this winter is to scrape the mud from the paths to widen them, and to dig out the ditches... read more

2016 – July – Volunteers from the Town Hall.

8th July – As part of The Deal people who work for the council are allowed two paid days each year when they can volunteer to do some work in the community. The Friends of Three Sisters would like to thank this group of workers from the Audit Office in the Town Hall... read more

2016-6th June- Family Cycling Day

Once again the Active Living Team organised a Family Cycling event at the Three Sisters’ Race circuit. We were invited to go along and have a stall on the Market Place. The weather was wonderful and we enjoyed a restful afternoon trying to recruit new members.... read more

2016-March- Repairs to the lake edge.

The edge of the lake, on the side nearest to the play area, has been falling into the lake for some time. Holes have appeared between the large edging stones and the footpath and it has become quite dangerous. In March the council workmen arrived with large machines... read more

2016 – January – NEW YEAR GIFT.

Winter food for the birds. A BIG Thank You to Bob Brierley and his friends who arrived with lots of food for the birds. A wonderful New Year gesture which we and the birds appreciate. Thank... read more

2015- November- It is time to repair the bird boxes.

We start with the owl boxes. This is the time of year when we start to inspect the bird boxes. Old nests are removed and the boxes are repaired and cleaned out. One of the owl boxes needed a new floor, so this box took longer than we expected. We hope they will all be... read more