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2017 – Spring comes to the Wildlife Garden.

The warmer weather and longer days are encouraging the plants to start to grow. We are delighted to see a few narcissi and snowdrops battling their way into flower. We look forward to more flowers showing themselves as the weather improves. Here’s to a colourful... read more

2015-June 14th-Work day-Making a bug hotel.

Bug Hotel During the past few months we have been collecting things to make a BUG Hotel. We used information from the WildLife Trust to construct our Bug hotel from recycled items. You can find this here. Or just search constructing a bug hotel for much more... read more

1st -8th May 2015- National Volunteer Week.

National Volunteer Week It is National Volunteer Week and a group of Wigan Council workers turn up to the Three Sisters to volunteer their help. One group set off and cleared litter from the edge of the lake while another group helped to dig over the Wildlife Garden.... read more

2014-7th December – The Big Tree Plant.

Fruit Trees Red Rose Forest have given us 10 mixed fruit trees to add to our Community Orchard. They are apple, pear, cherry and plum trees and are about six feet tall. The weather on Sunday was cold but sunny and we were able to get the trees planted. We also did... read more

Floating Islands and Fish Refuges.

We are constructing some floating islands to help to purify the water in the lake. During the winter months the water in the lake is very clear. This causes a problem for the fish as they can easily be seen and caught by birds, particularly diving birds like passing... read more

Building new Pontoons.

Building the new pontoon. Many years ago the Friends put some pontoons at the far end of the lake, near the Nature reserve. The pontoons provide safe places for the birds to sleep and nest. Over the years the wood rotted and the pontoons needed drastic work doing to... read more