2018 – 24th October – Hallowe’en Fun.

The Ashton schools were on half-term holidays this week so we had to have our Hallowe’en event early. The Friends of Three Sisters, Carbon Landscape, Nomad Rangers and the Hamlet all organised events for the children [and their parents] to enjoy. We were lucky... read more

2018 -18th September – More help from volunteers.

After a restful summer holiday, our friends from the Town Hall and the Hamlet volunteered to spend another day maintaining the paths around the Three Sisters. It is due to volunteer days like this that The Friends are able to do much of the work around the site. We... read more

2018- June 11th. – Summer Volunteer Work Day.

On Monday 11th June we had a Volunteer Work Day. A group of Wigan employees from the Audit office worked on the site under The Deal which allows Wigan workers to volunteer on a working day. We also had some Hamlet Trainees and some members of the Carbon Landscape... read more

2018- 26th April – Hedge Planting

The Woodland Trust is a charity that wants to see a UK rich in native woods and trees for people and wildlife. They are helping people to plant more trees by offering packs of trees and hedging plants to groups. We asked for a pack of hedging plants as we are trying... read more

2018- 14th January – NATURE WALK.

NATURE WALK. A family-friendly beginners’ nature walk around the Three Sisters and Viridor Wood. Look out for the winter wildlife which makes this special place home. Suitable footwear, waterproof clothing and binoculars recommended. WHERE:- Three Sisters and... read more

Hope School Trainees spend time at the Three Sisters.

A group of trainees from Hope School made some bird and bug boxes earlier this year and gave them to the Friends to fix around the site. We decided to give them a day on the site as a “Thank you.” for their kindness. They fixed some of the bug boxes in the... read more

2017-Trying to make a Wildflower Meadow.

Over the past two years we have been trying to make a wildflower meadow on the grassed area near the playground. We have dug it over, Treated it with weedkiller. Dug out thistles and docks. We have sowed it with many packets of wildflower seeds. All our efforts seem... read more

2017 – Summer Spruce-up Day.

As part of The Deal, Wigan Council allow their staff two paid days each year when they can do voluntary work. We were delighted when a group from the audit office came to help at our Summer Spruce-Up day. They joined a group from Hope School and a number of other... read more

2017 – 2nd. March – Spring Cleaning Day.

As part of the Council’s Big Spring Clean we organised a Spring Cleaning Day. About 25 volunteers turned up to help us and everyone worked hard for many hours. We were very lucky with the weather as the previous day had been wet and windy and the following day... read more

2017 – National Nest Box Week – February.

Winter is the time we carry out work on our bird boxes. Every box is inspected. If it is broken it is either repaired or replaced, depending on its condition. Old nesting material is removed and the box is disinfected using a special liquid which is safe for the birds... read more