Wild Life Garden Projects

2017 – September – Autumn comes to the Wildlife Garden.

As the temperature starts to fall and we get colder nights, the garden starts to take on its autumn colours. The gardeners are busy cutting back plants that have finished flowering and are generally tidying up the garden for the winter. We have started to feed the... read more

2017 – Spring comes to the Wildlife Garden.

The warmer weather and longer days are encouraging the plants to start to grow. We are delighted to see a few narcissi and snowdrops battling their way into flower. We look forward to more flowers showing themselves as the weather improves. Here’s to a colourful... read more

2016-October-WW1 Lest We Forget Remembrance Bench.

Earlier this year we put in a bid for a specially designed bench to commemorate 100 years since WW1. We were fortunate to get one of these benches. We think the Wildlife Garden is a good place to sit quietly and think and watch the nature around you. Today the workmen... read more

A place to sit and watch the world go by.

Regular visitors to the site may have seen that we only had a very simple bench in the gardenĀ and several people complained that they needed a seat with a back and arms to help them to stand up again. Now, thanks to the family of the late Mick King, we have a... read more

A closer look at some of our plants.

We are very pleased with the hostas which are flowering at the moment. They have benefitted from all the rain we have had this year and are flowering fit to burst. IMG_3084 IMG_3083... read more

2016- 18th July – Tidying up the edge of the garden.

When we were working with the volunteers on 8th July we were offered some chipped wood which was surplus to requirements at the building site on Three Sisters Road. Never being one to look a gift horse in the mouth we accepted the offer and a mountain of wood... read more

2016 – 4th & 5th July – Re-making the pond.

PLAN B – when all else fails -start again! We made a pond at the end of last year but over the winter it has either leaked or overflowed depending on the amount of rain we have had. The water has stayed muddy and so it is now time for action. Let us hope it is... read more

2016 -May-New Owl in the Wildlife Garden.

We were working in the garden on Saturday morning when AlanĀ arrived with a present for us. He has carved this lovely owl and he fixed it onto a perch in the garden near the Bug Hotel. Thank you Alan. We love... read more