The Ashton schools were on half-term holidays this week so we had to have our Hallowe’en event early. The Friends of Three Sisters, Carbon Landscape, Nomad Rangers and the Hamlet all organised events for the children [and their parents] to enjoy.

We were lucky with the weather as although it was chilly the sun did shine and it did not rain.

Well in excess of 200 people came to the event and we think they all found something to enjoy.

Our next event will be our Easter Egg hunt in 2019 so watch out for the date.

This picture shows the Hope Hut which provided wonderful coffee and sweets made by the Hamlet Trainees.

The Friends of Three Sisters set up a Witch’s Trail through the park. The children had to find the lost guests to the witch’s Hallowe’en Tea Party. When all the guests had been found the children were rewarded with sweets.

We had been given a box of bananas by the firm on the industrial estate  so everyone was offered a banana to give them energy for the events ahead.

The Nomad Rangers were showing the children how to make witchs’ and wizards’ wands.

The team from The Carbon Landscape were wrapping Mummies and painting bats!

There was also a Spooky Event organised by The Carbon Landscape team.

Everyone had a good afternoon. They got out into the fresh air, had a walk around the park, did some arts and crafts and exercised their problem solving skills. What more could you ask for?