The Three Sisters is a great place to visit for a short time or for a whole day and the facilities it offers allow you this flexibility.

Free Parking.

Sorry No Public toilets but there is a disability suite for which you need a RADAR key.

Picnic and play areas.

Centre for conservation activities through Friends Group and the Council.

Orienteering course round the site.

Many new trails . See Carbon Landscape web site for more information. There are workbooks to be found at carbon which you might like to print off before you come to the site.

The Hamlet has a cafe which is run by their trainees. At the moment it is being run as a ‘take away’ They serve wonderful coffee and cakes as well as toasted buns and other goodies. They are open school hours which means they are not there at weekends or school holidays.

The Hamlet also run some shops on their site. These are all worth a visit.