After a restful summer holiday, our friends from the Town Hall and the Hamlet volunteered to spend another day maintaining the paths around the Three Sisters.

It is due to volunteer days like this that The Friends are able to do much of the work around the site. We thank Wigan Council for allowing their staff two paid days each year when they can do these voluntary activities  as part of The Deal. It really is amazing how much work gets done on these days.

Thank you of course to all the volunteers who choose to help us in this way. We appreciate all your hard work.

One of the groups worked on Kestrel Drive which is a much used path and is often very muddy during the wet winter months.

The ditches were cleared to facilitate better drainage and TONS of gravel was spread across the surface. The workers said it felt as though they had moved tons of gravel!

The Friends intend to continue this work during the coming weeks and hope to get it finished before the monsoon season.

The rest of the group continued to work on the path around Arena Hill. This was work that had been started when the group were last on the site in early June.

The path is very overgrown. Soil has washed over the path and the plants that are growing in this soil are making the path very narrow. We all hacked back over growing branches, scraped and dug to find the original path and restore it to somewhere approaching its original width.