The Woodland Trust is a charity that wants to see a UK rich in native woods and trees for people and wildlife. They are helping people to plant more trees by offering packs of trees and hedging plants to groups. We asked for a pack of hedging plants as we are trying to grow plants that will provide food for the birds. We also bought some hazel and guilder rose plants to mix in with the pack we were sent. The plants arrived just as ‘the Beast from the East” arrived so we were unable to plant them straight away. We organised several days when we hoped to plant out our hedge and had to cancel because the weather was too bad. It was a case of Third Time Lucky as we eventually got the hedge planted on 26th April. The trainees from The Hamlet came along to give us a hand and the plants seem no worse for their longish rest in my shed. We are watching to see how well they grow. I can see from the Woodland Trust web site that we can apply for some more plants to be delivered in November so we might extend the hedge later in the year.

You will be very welcome to come and help us plant our next section of the hedge.

Watch the notice board at the Three Sisters or our facebook page for information of up coming events.