This year it is Sainsbury’s 150th birthday. Their workers are being encouraged to do something for their local community and we were contacted by a group who work in Sainsbury’s distribution centre in Haydock. They were having a meeting with some colleagues from Glasgow and wanted to volunteer to work on our site the day before this meeting.

The Haydock workers arrived at 9.30am and the weather was dull but not raining. The scottish workers drove to Ashton from Glasgow and arrived during the morning but by the time they arrived it had started to rain.

It rained steadily for the rest of the day but we all continued to work getting very wet but also getting lots of work done.

We had intended to walk around the site to show these workers what the site was like but we were all so wet by 3.30pm that we just stopped work and went to dry out.

Thank you to all the volunteers for all your hard work. We are sorry you did not see the site at its best.