Wild Life Garden Projects

2016 – 4th & 5th July – Re-making the pond.

PLAN B – when all else fails -start again! We made a pond at the end of last year but over the winter it has either leaked or overflowed depending on the amount of rain we have had. The water has stayed muddy and so it is now time for action. Let us hope it is... read more

2016 -May-New Owl in the Wildlife Garden.

We were working in the garden on Saturday morning when Alan arrived with a present for us. He has carved this lovely owl and he fixed it onto a perch in the garden near the Bug Hotel. Thank you Alan. We love... read more

2016 – May – Ferns start to grow in the stump garden.

After the wet winter the ferns looked as though they had all died but the warmer weather is encouraging them to grow and we have added some more to this feature. It is now starting to look very green. IMG_3010 A very sparse fern area. IMG_3011 IMG_3012... read more

2016 – April – A little colour in the garden.

After a very wet winter, a little colour is showing in the garden as some of the bulbs we planted last autumn are starting to flower. The soil has been flattened by all the winter rain, and even though the garden was flooded for many weeks during the winter, the bulbs... read more

2015 – December – Rain, rain and yet more rain.

This winter has been the wettest since weather records began. Many places in northern England have had severe flooding, roads and bridges have been washed away and life has been very difficult for many people. We should perhaps be thankful that it is only our garden... read more

2015-October – We add a pond for the wildlife.

The digging starts. We are experimenting with a wet area to attract dragonflies and amphibians into the garden. The ground is very hard and so the pond is not very deep. If this does not work it will be a case of ‘back to the drawing board’. Watch this... read more

2015- September 21st. – New Bird Table.

New Bird Feeding Site Next to the stepping stones we have put a bird table and a feeding post. We had been feeding the birds all last winter by hanging the feeder from one of the trees so they soon found the new feeding site. It is now possible to sit in the garden... read more

2015- September 15th.- Wooden Stepping Stones.

A Fun Place for Children In one corner of the garden there is a place that is full of tree roots. We have found it almost impossible to dig in this area so have decided to add some sections of a tree trunk to act as stepping stones for children to jump across. We will... read more

2015-September 10th- The poppies are still a wonderful sight.

A Splash of Colour The poppies and other wild flowers we sowed at the end of June are still providing a cheerful splash of colour at one corner of the garden. The seeds came from the Lottery project ‘Grow Wild’ and we have several more boxes which we intend to sow... read more