Regular visitors to the site may have seen that we only had a very simple bench in the garden and several people complained that they needed a seat with a back and arms to help them to stand up again.

Now, thanks to the family of the late Mick King, we have a beautiful new bench where everyone can sit and enjoy the garden. His daughter, Michelle, sent the following few words to explain why they wanted a bench in the garden:-

Michael ‘Mick’ King

Was a larger than life character and seems to be known by everyone in the local community! He wasn’t a man you could miss at six foot six and a thick head of white hair (but a red head before going white!). He could and would talk to everyone about anything but his real passion was fishing and nature and he often used to ramble off around the Three Sisters and the surrounding areas. He was always keen to pass on his knowledge so that others could also start to care for the environment and understand the importance of the need to look after what we have and help support the diversity of nature. He was very proud of where he lived and having a bench in the wildlife garden for others to sit and reflect would make him even prouder.

Thank you to all the family for their generous gift.