THE GARDEN GANG have been hibernating through the winter. We have met up several times to drink coffee and plan what we will do in 2023.

Once the new year arrived we used any ‘Good Weather’ days to start on these plans. The first thing we plan to do is prune all the fruit trees as this is not heavy work and will prepare us for the year to come.

We aim to do more work on the Grow Green Project and improve the Wildlife Garden.


14th March 2023

Today the Garden Gang are not gardening but doing work to improve the path edge along the righthand side path. This is the path that runs parallel to the print shop building. The soil from the bed is always spreading onto the path and so we are using posts made from recycled plastic to edge the path and keep the soil in the bed.

We are hoping thatches work today will save us lots of work in the future by keeping the soil IN the bed and not spilling onto the path.

When we have finished we think it looks GREAT.

Now we wonder if we have the energy to change the other edges in the garden to match this one.