4th APRIL 2023  We start to work in the Wildlife Garden.

It is a beautiful sunny spring day and the year’s work starts in the Wildlife Garden.

HOWEVER when we arrive we see that the mallards have been to work before us. One nest is tucked under the hedge, hopefully out of harms way but another nest is on the top of the Bug Hotel. There is no duck in sight but several cold eggs in the nest. There was also one egg on the path.

Two weeks ago we added a new edge to the path along the righthand side of the garden. We all liked this edge so much more than the original edges we had put to separate the paths from the flower beds that we decided to slowly change all the path edges.

Today the edge parallel to the car park was changed and then the step behind the gate was changed into a ramp to give better access to this path.

We also started to remove the ground elder which was growing all along the bottom of the fence. This is a very invasive weed and difficult to get rid of. It looks like being a long job!