Wild Life Garden Projects

2015-September – What is going on here?

New Screening Along one side of the new garden there are the toilets. We thought it might be a good idea to provide a screen across the doors especially as we had received some concerns from visitors. It will also provide somewhere we can grow climbing plants such as... read more

2015- September 9th. – Constructing a wood pile.

Special Features for Garden We are continuing to dig out the bramble roots and dig over the soil but we now are able to think of what special features we can add to the garden and where we can put them. Today we constructed a log pile from wood we have found around... read more

2015-August 26th- A new bench and some plants!

Garden Path This week we have been adding a small path to the garden. Paul is making a bench from recycled wood and Ian has started to make a Stump Garden round some of the dead tree stumps in the garden. He dug out some of the compost from the bottom of the compost... read more

2015-August 17th- Look at our path.

The Path is Finished Monday morning found the finishing touches being put to the path. A top layer of aggregate was put down and firmed into place. The new gate was hung and a place for a bench was made. A new volunteer arrived and turned out to be a very ‘Handyman’... read more

2015-August 14th-Machinery arrives and work begins

It’s Starting to Look Like a Garden The workmen arrive and construct the path. A space is cut in the fence for a gate and gate posts are fixed in place. At last it is starting to look like a garden. Over the weekend we clear some more brambles from the site and... read more

2015-August -It looks as though there will soon be a path.

Path Work Due to Start? I have received an eMail asking me to cone off some space for the workers. They will be starting the path on 12th August. In great excitement I did as asked and on the morning of the 12th. I went to make sure they knew where we wanted the gate... read more

2015-August-Look at our poppies!

A Riot of Red I have just returned from holiday and am delighted to find that the corner of the garden is a riot of red. The flower seeds have grown and lots of wild flowers are blooming in the corner of the garden. Of course the weeds have also grown so I am now on a... read more

2015- July- More digging and planting wildlife flower seeds.

Getting Rid of the Weeds All the recent rain means that the weeds are growing –like weeds! We have no news of when they are going to start the path so have decided to dig in a place that we hope will not be affected by any work on the path. We started at one end and... read more

2015-June 14th-Work day-Making a bug hotel.

Bug Hotel During the past few months we have been collecting things to make a BUG Hotel. We used information from the WildLife Trust to construct our Bug hotel from recycled items. You can find this here. Or just search constructing a bug hotel for much more... read more