Money Raised to Feed the Birds

WLCT have had their funding cut and so two years ago they decided they could not afford to keep feeding the birds.
The Friends thought this would be the loss of a popular attraction and so we have been raising money with which to buy the bird food.
Local firms have been very helpful by either giving us bird food or selling it to us at wholesale prices.
Many of the regular users of the site have either given us donations or arrived to walk their dogs with gifts of bags of bird food.
We thank you all.
Each day the bird feeders are filled up by one of the Friends and at the week end the bird feeders are washed and disinfected. This takes 32 hours of volunteer time each month.

The birds are fed all through the winter and into the spring but in the summer time they are left to fend for themselves.

During the winter months the Feeding Station received general Maintenance.