We are constructing some floating islands to help to purify the water in the lake.

During the winter months the water in the lake is very clear. This causes a problem for the fish as they can easily be seen and caught by birds, particularly diving birds like passing cormorants, who then consume huge quantities of the fish.

We consulted the Fisheries Technical Officer of the Environment Agency and he suggested that we could put some fish refuges in the lake. These allow the fish to hide when being hunted by diving birds. He also told us about floating islands on which we could grow plants.

The islands float on top of the water providing a habitat for birds. However,underneath the surface a dynamic process is taking place. The floating islands help to maintain the purity of the water in the lake by providing a surface for microbes to stick to. These microbes break down nutrients and other water borne pollutants thus improving the water.

The Environment Agency use these islands in many of their projects.

Ian, from the Environment Agency, provided us with plans showing how we could build fish refuges and floating islands and has offered more help should we decide to go ahead with the project.