Bird Diversity

Over the years The Friends have made many different types of bird boxes and sited them around the Three Sisters.
As each box was sited it was photographed with a camera which had GPS technology so we know where each box is.
We are trying to increase the diversity of birds on the site.
During December and January, two of our members, who have a particular interest in birds, have visited each of the sixty boxes.Each of the boxes was inspected, repaired if needed and cleaned out to be ready for the new nesting season.

Out of the sixty boxes only six had not been used last year. Two of these were damaged boxes, one was too close to another box and three had been used for roosting but not for nesting.
We were pleased to see that all six of the tree creeper boxes had been used.
We knew that one of our owl boxes had been used as we saw owl chicks last year.
All the other boxes were used by mixed species.

All boxes are now spick and span and ready for new residents in the 2014 nesting season.
Thank you Tony and Dave for all your hard work. [ 30 volunteer hours. ]