Some of the students from Hope School had been making bird boxes in their workshop and after they had worked with us on our Spring Cleaning Day they decided to give these boxes to us for the site.

Tony and Dave invited the students to come and help them to put the boxes in the trees. Unfortunately on the chosen day it was pouring with rain and blowing a gale, so not safe to be climbing up ladders and fixing boxes to trees.

Fortunately the Friends had bought some kits to make new bird boxes. The money for these came from our Bryn councillors Brighter Borough Fund. When the students arrived Tony asked them if they would like to help to make some more bird boxes as the weather was so bad. They set to and by lunch time had a good number of boxes to show for their hard work.

After lunch the weather had improved and the group went out into the Wildlife Garden and put up Bug Boxes and other bird feeders.

Thank you Lads. You did a great job and we are sure the birds and bugs will benefit from all your hard work.

We hope you will come again when the weather is better and help to put up all those bird boxes you made. It will have to be soon as we notice that the birds are already looking for places to nest.