As part of the Council’s Big Spring Clean we organised a Spring Cleaning Day. About 25 volunteers turned up to help us and everyone worked hard for many hours.

We were very lucky with the weather as the previous day had been wet and windy and the following day was cold and blowing a gale but the Thursday was sunny and if not exactly warm, the work kept us glowing!

Julie’s Joggers came and helped the Friends to make the paths they run on better. The paths are very wet and muddy so channels were dug to allow the water to drain into the lake and then they scraped the mud off the paths and improved the surface by putting down some gravel.

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A group made up of Hope School students, Council volunteers and Friends worked on the path around Arena Hill. This had become very overgrown and narrow. We found some drainage channels which were full of mud and once cleared they allowed the water to flow off the path. We also cleared out the ditch along the path.

Another group of volunteers, including one of the Bryn Councillors and volunteers from the council worked on the entrance to the site from Kestrel Drive. Ditches were cleared out, mud scraped from the path and new surface gravel used to fill in holes.

We had a busy and fruitful day. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and will come again to help us keep the site maintained.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped.