Garden Path

This week we have been adding a small path to the garden. Paul is making a bench from recycled wood and Ian has started to make a Stump Garden round some of the dead tree stumps in the garden. He dug out some of the compost from the bottom of the compost pit. We were delighted to see what good compost has been made in only a little over twelve months and the toads are still in residence! I have been given some plants by visitors to the site, so I have started to plant these in the hope that they will grow before the winter arrives. Yesterday, two very generous ladies who were walking their dogs, stopped to chat and gave me a donation to buy plants. They would like me to put some herbs in the garden so I shall be searching for plants. Thank you Irene and VJ for your generosity. I hope you will come into the garden and sit a while once the seat is done.