Extension to compost bin

The morning was bright and sunny and five Friends met on the car park to work. A young man arrived to ask if he could help us as he is just starting to do his Duke of Edinburgh award and he would like to volunteer at the Three Sisters. Needless to say we welcomed him with open arms. We split into pairs and one group extended the compost bins with chicken wire and filled it with leaves from the Wildlife Garden. We hope that this time next year we will have lots of good leaf mould to dig into the soil.

Another two set off with ladders and lots of equipment to fit a camera into one of the bird boxes. Unfortunately they encountered some technical problems but intend to work at the task. We are hoping that by the spring we will be able to see what is going on inside the box.

Digging the garden

The remaining pair did some more digging in the Wildlife Garden. The soil was turned and roots, bricks and weeds removed. The two photos show what the soil was like when we started and what our hard work achieved. We planted a few more plants in the hedge, which seems to be growing well. Volunteer hours today = 12 hours.


We found a wonderful crop of fungi growing under one of the trees. Now all we have to do is identify them.