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Friends of Three Sisters

Friends of Three Sisters (FOTS)

The Friends of Three Sisters was initially formed in 2003 by a group of users of the site. They wished to promote the use of the site to the wider community and volunteered their time to work with the Ranger Service to improve the facilities.   Read More

Facilities at the Three Sisters.

The Three Sisters is a great place to visit for a short time or for a whole day and the facilities it offers allow you this flexibility. Toilets and Free Parking. Picnic and play areas. Centre for conservation activities through Lancashire Wildlife Trust .... read more

Feeding the Birds.

The lake is a great magnet for water birds, especially during the winter when Canada Geese and other winter visitors stop off for a feed. This makes it a popular place for people to take their children to feed the birds. If you are lucky you may also see the huge carp... read more

Walking Around the Three Sisters.

Walking with Grandpa. There are many places to walk around the Three Sisters and opportunities to get away from the crowd. Much of the walking is on the flat but it can be wet underfoot after rain, so wellingtons or good footwear is recommended. A walk around Arena... read more

The History of the land where the Three Sisters stands.

Long, long ago…… About 300 million years ago, the land we know as England was much nearer to the equator and had a tropical climate. It was covered by a shallow tropical sea and the shells and bones of dead creatures sank to the sea bed, when compressed... read more

HELP! We need some bodies.

14 Aug 2015
The Friends of Three Sisters are making a Wildlife Garden and we would like your help. If you are a gardener we would welcome your advice, ideas and help. If you are a Handy person then we need a new fence making and other items building. If you have some spare time and fancy a little exercise then come along and garden with us. Why pay gym fees when you can get some exercise for free? This is not the Garden of Eden [YET!] so you will need to wear old clothes and stout footwear. We can provide gloves and tools. If you are interested then contact us by our web site:- www.friendsof3sister

Thank you Cllr. Robert Brierley

June 2015
Many thanks to Councillor Robert Brierley who has given us a good supply of bird seed and fat-balls. We will be using these in the Bird Feeding Station during the coming months. We are pleased that individual Councillors help us in our work at the Three Sisters. THANK YOU.


9 Feb 2015
The Friends of Three Sisters would like to thank Councillor Ann Rampling for a very generous donation from her Brighter Borough Fund to ensure that we will be able to continue to feed the birds for another year. Thank you Ann.

Ashton and Bryn Storytellers.

18 Dec 2014
A Lottery funded Local History Project. Local people talking about local places. Park Lane Unitarian Chapel. Garswood Hall Number 9 Pit Disaster. Ashton Linen and Wool Stock Charity. And many more. Hear them at:-